Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

by Jeremias Duarte. .

Mobile devices have revolutionized many areas of life and in the last couple of years the number of people using one type of mobile device or another to access the internet has skyrocketed. Smart internet marketers have adapted quickly to these changes by tweaking their strategies to meet the changing demands of consumers.

Most Internet marketers are implementing some of the latest mobile SEO techniques in order to drive free traffic to their products and services on the web. If you are serious about generating impressive sales whether as an affiliate or product creator, it’s important to build your email marketing campaigns with mobile users in mind. Here are some of the most effective methods in email marketing for mobile devices you can implement to improve conversions and increase your profits.

Limit Marketing Email Width

Lack of space is one of the main challenges associated with the use of smartphones and tablets to surf the web. Keeping your subject lines short and catchy is one of the best mobile internet marketing techniques you can adopt. It’s important to know that unless your email subject catches the eye of a potential customer, he/she will likely skip it in order to read something that looks more interesting. It will therefore be in your best interest to send emails with short and interesting subjects to generate the maximum response from those on your email list.

More Text and Less Media

A great way to generate high levels of sales is to build your mobile email marketing campaigns to focus on text instead of images and other rich media elements. Even if you want to use images, it’s important to use them as minimally as possible. This is because emails filled with lots of images, video and other intuitive elements typically take a long time to load. Majority of smartphone and tablet users get easily distracted and don’t have the patience to wait for your email to download, especially when there are tons of things they can easily switch to on their mobile gadgets.

Incorporate the Use of Links

Links are at the heart of email campaigns and are equally relevant in mobile email marketing. The purpose of every email campaign is for potential customers to read and click on one of the links placed in the email. This is why it’s important to ensure that your links are as conspicuous as possible so you can maximize your email marketing efforts.

Make Emails Short

Another great way to generate the best benefits from your email marketing is to send short and concise emails to those on your list. Unlike PC and laptop users, many people accessing their emails on mobile devices are usually hard pressed for time and tend to skip long emails that require repetitive scrolling in order to finish reading.


Mobile email marketing provides online marketers with various benefits including the ability to generate high levels of sales. Well-built campaigns also enable firms to generate real-time feedback from customers and prospects while enhancing the relationship between current and future customers. Implementing the strategies stated above will help you take your email marketing to the next level and reap the resultant benefits.