Online Marketing Trends for 2014

by Jeremias Duarte. .

Online Marketing in today’s day and age occupies prime value for any business. Today, the world links your brand value with your online presence and how efficiently is the online network being handled by a business.

Marketing Trends Last Year

The online marketing trends of 2012 have been the stepping-stones in defining the online marketing trends for 2013.  Here are some of the most amazing online marketing trends 2013 has to offer on the web and Internet.

Mobile Advertising

Studies reveal that more than 75% of the world has access to mobile devices and 2013 is about seeing what value a business or brand can offer to a mobile user? It is noteworthy here that brands and businesses need to think beyond only searching options and need to provide value to a mobile user by means of more and accurate information, consumption options and new designs, formats and resources for availability of the same.

Brand Evolution

This year is seeing brands and their continuous evolution as against other brands in the same line of work. Brands will need to continue to keep innovating on their products and services to make the most of the online marketing resources else they will be left behind in the race that will negatively impact their businesses.


Gamification of your product or service is the “in thing” in this year that means applying a game like design to a non-game application for a product or service. Many websites have begun using gamification as a way to encourage return visitors and user engagement.

Websites that use gamification usually provide the user with “points” or “awards” that have no monetary value.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has gained much priority this year whereby business houses will need to focus more on creating great web layout, perfect content and inbound analytics to attract customers to their business without paid marketing.

Data Visualization

Data visualization will need to move to a new high in this year and businesses will need to focus on providing complex data to users in easy to understand and excellent looking formats. Making all relevant data available to the users will need to be a great marketing initiative for a great business that will require great acumen.

Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty marketing will be of prime importance this year as a great marketing technique you all must be well aware that it takes more effort in acquiring a new customer rather than keeping an existing customer satisfied, so loyalty driven business techniques keeping in mind the awareness levels of the customers will take a front seat in 2013 to keep the customers delighted and happy at all times.

Social Networks

Brands will need to be all over the social networks this year be it Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other valuable social networking online media to add value to their brand and market their product and make its reach widespread.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics will be of high priority for businesses across all marketing channels to see the performance of their brand for better decision making for the future.

Website Re-Design

Website designing refurbishment will also be of importance in online marketing and hiring the right designers or outsourcing to the right people will bring in great results for any business.

Local Marketing and Local SEO

Local marketing for businesses will gain importance in this year and bring a widespread presence to local businesses with maximum outreach. Google has placed an emphasis on local marketing and SEO techniques. Google found that many users search more for local attractions when using their mobile devices. Generally, global searches are done from one’s desktop or laptop at home.