Responsive Website Design

What is responsive website design? Once upon a time, you might remember when all computer monitors were the same size and shape. Websites and computer programs were all made in the same way. Simplicity was the root of digital development.

Now, there are too many screen sizes and ratios to count. The Internet has since expanded to include electronic devices that are accessed while on the go.

Internet Consulting Services

I've been actively helping others with their websites for nearly ten years. I currently provide consulting services such as eCommerce development, Internet-oriented Brand Management, Internet Advertising, and tiered development strategies.

The only thing better than optimizing an existing website is creating one with search engines in mind. The websites we build are guaranteed to provide you with the fundamental structure of marketing your brand on the Internet.

Website Speed Increase

Is your website slow? Websites are created for users and Internet users keep their expectations of website performance high when it comes to surfing the web. They want exactly the information they're looking for and they want it immediately. Making your website faster can provide several benefits to your online presence, including:

Research shows that users are more likely to leave your website right away if the page load time is greater than 10 seconds. Instead of looking at a blank screen waiting for the web page to load, most people will just click the back button in the browser and check the next search engine result. Also, search engines keep track of the speed of your website. Websites with longer page download times are more likely to be ranked lower than those websites with smaller page download times. Ultimately, faster websites provide a faster user experience, leading to higher rankings and a better experience.

How can you fix the speed of your website? There are tons of changes that can be made to decrease the page load times of your website. There are two major parts to optimizing your site:

Find out how your website measures up. Use Google's Pagespeed Insights performance test to see how your website performs relative to others.

Mobile Development

Mobile websites allows your business the ability to connect your audience to your brand on the devices that they engage the most. From designing mobile websites and implementing proven Search Engine Optimization(SEO) techniques, Better Mobile launches your mobile presence to the highest level. Better Mobile is the #1 resource for all mobile marketing needs.

As a mobile web design expert, I will carefully craft simple, yet sophisticated mobile websites and applications for all major platforms and mobile operating systems – Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, tablets, and Windows Mobile devices.

Providing a mobile experience and a full site experience for the same set of audience is a crucial Internet marketing decision. Although your target audience is the same, mobile marketing channels have an aspect of engagement that is completely different from personal computers. Better Mobile website design services facilitate your decision to take your Internet presence to the next level.

There are several steps to designing a mobile website for a specific brand or product

  1. Identify the business goals your mobile website design should fulfill.
  2. Design a mobile website which is accessible 24/7 from across the globe.
  3. Define the ideal mobile Internet marketing strategy for your business.
  4. Deploy your mobile website using your domain.
  5. Optimize search engine optimization of the mobile website.
  6. Ensure your mobile website is easy to find.

The steps above are only an overview and just the beginning. With technological advances in Internet technology and mobile devices, efficient updates are common to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

From mobile technology has emerged in a new dimension to the way people connect with one another. Organizations taking the leap forward and staying ahead of the curve will benefit the most from the opportunities that the mobile Internet market has to offer.

Internet Programming and Database Administration

Sometimes, businesses have a special need that requires special attention. By utilizing programming best-practices, you can rest easy knowing that your digital requirements are met and often exceeded in regards to performance and maintainability.  From eCommerce applications to customized user-management platforms, I can help determine the current and future needs of your Internet technology services, keeping your costs low while ensuring you get the most benefit for your company.

SEO Audits & Reports

I provide all clients with a review of their current website. After carefully evaluating your website, I will offer you a prepared analysis of the findings encountered in my review. Google Panda, Google Penguin, and Google Hummingbird, have caused many webmasters and website owners to lose traffic. I use various development tools and search engine trends to identify the source of your SEO issues. Several indicators are used to determine to cause for traffic loss. Specifically, my reports will provide you with findings with the following:

  1. Link Analysis. Search engines such as Google use "backlinks" as the fundamental method of determining a websites importance relative to its competitors. This makes link data the most important aspect of optimizing your website. Factors included in link analysis are (1) link quality, (2) link context, and (3) link quantity.
  2. Traffic Source Analysis. Traffic is important, but knowing where your website traffic originates from is just as important. Traffic source analysis includes looking at factors such as keyword targeting and referral sources to determine where your Internet marketing efforts have fallen short.
  3. On-page SEO problems. On-page SEO is the start of any Internet marketing campaign. Google and Bing offer suggestions and guidelines on how to properly manage your HTML to make them more search engine friendly. We realize that this may be easy for some webmasters and advanced users, but some may find code editing to be quite intimidating.
  4. Social Media Engagement Reports. Social media has become a larger indicator of website popularity for search engines. I attempt to identify the methods your business has effectively used to drive traffic to your website. Then, we outline the specific suggestions you should take to overcome social engagement boundaries.

Once you have your custom SEO report, you can determine if our relationship continues.

Web Design

Unique website designs to engage your customers.


Custom programming to meet your business needs.


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